We are a full service interactive advertising agency that works on planning, design, development and maintenance of the final product all in-house. Working with us means that you will not only receive cutting edge development and solutions, but also top-quality customer service. Creating custom developed websites, advertisements and any web related functionality from start to finish, is something that we really take pride in as a team. To some it may sound odd, but we really love the technological challenges thown at us. What we really get excited about is turning ideas into reality.

Our ad solutions are 100% Flash, and as such, can seamlessly reach over 98% of Internet users. Banners are created to be served by any ad server or for use on any network.

The Aura Group's Proprietary Technology


We’ve taken MovieConnect from an in-banner theater and show time location system to something bigger than we’ve even imagined.

In addition to sending show time and theater information from an ad unit to a mobile device via text message, we’ve also added the ability to Tweet show time information directly from an ad unit to your Twitter account. With over 7 million active users, Twitter is becoming a proven successful marketing tool. (Nielsen)

Our Twitter account, @movieconnect, replies to show time requests in real-time. Users tweet us the name of a movie they want show time information for and their zip code. We’ll tweet back the nearest theaters playing their request and prompt the user to pick the theater they would like show times for. Once the theater is selected, we’ll tweet back the show times for that day at that theater. Click here to check it out for yourself.

MovieConnect can now automatically monitor a film’s Twitter account and deliver show time and theater locations when requested by a user. This is a first of its kind and we expect studios will be excited they can now communicate in real time with their audience. If you would like to see a working demo for this product, please email us at

Our Encoding Options

We've worked to utilize the latest technologies to encode video for online delivery. Our experience has shown there is no cookie cutter way to encode video. You cannot press just a few buttons to encode videos and we work with many different types of videos here to make them work flawlessly.

The Aura Group Flash Implementation and Video

Working to keep the company on the cusp of flash development and implementation is something that is important to us. The Aura Group's team creates custom player applications in addition to complex video management systems.

Flash video uses the ordinary Flash program to stream video right into your website. Flash works on both Apple and Windows and all browser types. It is the most universally accepted format to date. Our team creates custom player applications in addition to complex video management systems.

Working with videos is another aspect of the online presence that we excel at. Working with complete custom players featuring any number of requested special elements is another area of production that we thoroughly enjoy. From custom colors, to buffering features to playback streams, ask us and we can probably build it in for you.

Banner Campaign

Banners are one of the most underutilized online advertising medium. No longer do banner ads need to be 25k flashing advertisement. Today's technology is such that banner ads can contain mounds of content including multiple video streams, downloads and even text messaging.

The Aura Group Website Design

We specialize in working with complex web development. We don't use the word custom gingerly either. When we use the word custom we mean everything custom from development, and initial building, to implementation and delivering the final product to our clients, to the exact specifications they requested. We utilize the latest web technologies to only deliver something that is exceptional to our client.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

In today's technology advanced world, it's important that your web exposure is current and complete. With a CMS, you can enter information in one area and it will be updated in multiple areas within the site. We have worked extensively with building custom content management systems and also implementing store bought content management systems. This also applies to our Video Management Systems which allows the administrator to upload and place a video on multiple areas of the site with one entry. Ease of use is important to us for each client because we know that nothing is worse than a stale website.


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